Tips For Getting Pregnant

Experiencing difficulty in getting pregnant could be very stressful and depressing experience for most of the couples. While some women get pregnant very easily, there are others who can be trouble in conceiving. It is believed that infertility is the problem that hinders a woman from getting pregnant. Infertility could be in two forms as low as 20% of the couples, while the fertile period is defined as the span of 5 or more days when pregnancy can occur.

There are women who have a lower fertile period but are capable of getting pregnant. It is medically known as the “early period”, at least during three or four days before the ovulation. The ovulation can last for 5 – 7 days which would give you about a 36 hour menstrual cycle. Another way of getting pregnant is to have sex during the fertile period. There are some women who are able to ovulate even though it is less than 48 hours.

Getting pregnant can be blamed to several factors. It could be due to an irregular menstrual cycle, an abnormal menstrual cycle, a medical condition or an ovarian cyst. Other factors that may create disorder in the menstrual cycle, like polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis and other hormonal problems can also contribute to infertility. When a couple has sexual intercourse during the fertile period, it can definitely increase your chance of getting pregnant.

Another way to increase the success rate of getting pregnant is to have sex regularly, be sure that you do it during the fertile period, but without too much pressure from you. If you are doing it so much, it will result to you having less ideas on what to do all throughout and it will also put tremendous pressure on you as couple. If you are applying so much pressure on each other, this may result to your eventually separating because you are both so stressed. So instead of relaxing and struggling while trying to become pregnant, you may need to focus more and just keep going.

For some women the fertile period could be as short as 5 – 7 days during the menstrual cycle. For some women, it could be a little longer. Either way – It is the best time to have baby. But as a woman what is the best way to be able to get pregnant? There are a few options that you may consider. First – educating yourself about how your body works. Read everything on the subject and take your time to read. Keep in mind that there are no guarantees that your body can or can’t ovulate during any particular period. There are many women who experience irregular menstrual cycle but they ovulate on the fertile period. It is also best to keep track of your cycle as it can help you to predict your ovulation period better.

Another method to use is charting your basal body temperature. When you are ovulating, your body temperature will increase. Some women confuse this temperature with ovulation prediction. Your basal body temperature is actually your body temperature before getting out of bed in the morning. Keep in mind that your body temperature change is is very minor. You will usually only notice this ” spike ” during ovulation. Just check if there is a significant change in your body temperature. Most women can sense the change.

One additional option is to purchase ovulation kits or fertility monitors. These kits are only found in the stores and most of them will only catch a very faint ” modification” in your body temperature. This is not sensitive enough for you to know if you are ovulating or not.

Lastly, you can try to observe your vaginal mucus. When you are ovulating, your cervical mucus will almost be like egg white. Your cervical mucus will be slippery and stretchy. The reason for this is that they have reached the peak of their strength. Imagine that your lubrication is enhanced to your most desired level during the time when you are not trying to get pregnant.

Couples should not lose hope if they’re finding it difficult to conceive. There any many choices you have in the matter of getting pregnant. If your partner and you have tried some combination of the above mentioned options, your odds of conceiving will be very good. If nothing is working for you though, then definitely go to a fertility doctor to get a better understanding of your own unique situation and what options you and your partner have.