Personalized Wedding Gifts For Your Future Spouse

Just about any large wedding inevitably comes with the prospect of great gifts from family and friends to help celebrate the union of two people who love each other. However, while you can certainly end up with great gifts, there are certain gifts that would only be appropriate when coming from your soon-to-be spouse. Because of this fact, we decided to give a list of some great gift ideas for your future spouse.

Jewelry – As a very common gift idea in general for men to give their women, there is no better time than around your wedding to give beautiful jewelry, even more so than any birthday or Valentine’s day. Be sure to pick something that you know your woman will love, and don’t be afraid to splurge on something really nice, even if it may be a bit expensive. The days surrounding your wedding only come around once in a lifetime, so you should make the most of it with a necklace or earrings that truly show how much you love your woman!

Bath Products – Because of the intimate nature of bath time in general, it is not very common for family and friends to send bath products to the future bride and groom, outside of perhaps nice bath towels and the like. So take advantage of being that special someone who actually can be apart of that personal bath time and give something to spruce up your loved one’s bath routine. Romantic and aromatic shampoos and conditioners are a great start. You could also try gifting bath bombs for your spouse to truly feel like they are relaxing in a spa the next time they take a bath. Or you could even bundle a bunch of thoughtful bath products for your loved one, which is fairly easy to do.

Sex Toys – The most personal of our list, sex toys truly can only come from the one man or woman that you intimately share the bedroom with. Sex toys can be used alone or as a couple, but in either case, gifting your loved one with something as naughty as sex toys can really spice up how the two of you view sex with each other moving forward in the marriage. For those new to the world of sex toys, Blissful Cherry has a lot of great sex toys to choose from, for both men and women (although they are most well-known for their comprehensive selection of vibrators in particular). If your loved one has never used sex toys before, this sort of gift will surely surprise her in the best way possible.

Although there is no wrong time to give your spouse an amazing gift, surprising them a day or two before the actual wedding or on your honeymoon is always a good idea. No matter what gift you get them, be prepared for sheer joy and excitement from your spouse, because you are clearly showing your love for them, through a gift that speaks not only to your care for them as a person, but to your love for them as a spouse in particular!